Be the change you want to see in your community!

Have you ever lent your time and talent to a local event? What about offering neighbours a hand when they needed it most? If you have ever done this, you have been part of a co-operative effort. Why not join the Ryde Community Co-operative and be a part of the action. See just how strong your community is!

How you can help your community through the Co-op -

  • Become a Member

  • Volunteer

  • Have some spare time???? We would love your help.

  • Make a monetary donation

We need you to volunteer in whatever capacity you can. The Co-op is a social hub and the heart of Ryde! Its mission is to improve the quality of life of our community.

National Volunteer Week 2022

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered time and energy to the Ryde Co-op. Our community is like no other. Because of the passion and dedication of our volunteers, our neighbours had opportunities to improve their mental & physical health during tough COVID times. Without volunteers there would be no Ryde Co-op! THANK YOU, thank you, thanks!

We are excited to share some of the significant initiatives Co-op volunteers have conceived and implemented to keep people engaged and enlightened this past year:

  • Successful in receiving funding to assist with food insecurities. An outdoor, open 24/7 self-serve food pantry.

  • Co-op volunteers pack and deliver weekly Gravenhurst Against Poverty (GAP) meals to households in Ryde.

  • FREE monthly GRAB & GO events for kids. 80-130 KIDS attend each month for a socially distanced pick up of a bag containing themed items to keep them busy and happy. 100% grant funded.

  • Generous members of the community donated funds for a holiday toy drive.

  • Constructed a 50'x100' skating rink with nets and lighting.

  • Three Free Soup and Sandwich Sunday lunches with Chef Larry.